San Francisco-based artist Aaron De La Cruz crosses elements of gestural painting with design-minded structure, creating work that is both instinctual and deliberate. In Always Something, De La Cruz continues his ongoing exploration of line and shape with a new body of work that includes original paintings, a large-scale mural, 3D wood and mirror works and the debut of a new, limited edition line of wallpapers produced in conjunction with Public Functionary and artist-designed wallpaper line, Area Environments. The first release in the new PFxAE Exhibition Collection, the wallpaper will be installed as the backdrop to the exhibit, creating a layered, pattern-rich viewing experience.

Named one of the “25 Most Important Artists” by Complex Magazine, De La Cruz relies on a simplistic yet striking visual vocabulary. He applies his free-hand style to a number different formats — primarily walls and environments — a technique he’s been perfecting for 10+ years. Each piece draws the viewer’s eye through an open-ended exploration of maze-like composition and naturally balanced strokes — beautiful both in detail and as the sum of many parts. For Always Something, the artist has developed a full-scale installation that contextualizes his work as multi-faceted, tactile design crossed with impactful contemporary art.

Throughout the run of Always Something, Public Functionary will host a number of PF Takeover events in collaboration with organizations, groups and creatives in the Twin Cities community, allowing a wider audience to experience contemporary art in a fresh, accessible context. Follow PF on social media for Takeover event dates and announcements.

In addition, a limited-edition 24″x36″ Aaron De La Cruz print will be produced by Arkitip, available exclusively for Always Something through both Public Functionary and Arkitip.com.


San Francisco based artist Aaron De La Cruz cryptic line work invokes an archeological inquisition that is suggestive of both ancient Mayan hieroglyphics and contemporary graffiti, allowing the viewer to relate, interpret and decipher the work on their own terms. From his wooden sculptures and large scale outdoor murals to his stark two dimensional ink paintings and installations, De La Cruz bridges the gaps between fine art and design, the sum of its parts being simultaneously practical and decorative.

De La Cruz has exhibited most recently at Honolulu’s Loft in Space where he is a regular contributor to the seminal Pow Wow arts and culture annual event. Previous exhibitions include Known Gallery in Los Angeles, which followed his acclaimed large scale showing at the Arkitip Project Space in 2012. De La Cruz has exhibited in Australia, Berlin, Hong Kong, Hawaii, Los Angeles, New York, Art Basel Miami and has produced collaborations with Diesel/55DSL (Italy), Birkenstock (Germany) and Casio G-Shock (Taiwan).


Artist-designed wallpaper line Area Environments and contemporary art space Public Functionary have joined forces to create a collaborative series of exclusive wallpapers designed by emerging contemporary artists. PFxAE partner artists are selectively chosen based on their works ability to make a bold, unexpected and beautiful impact when translated into the large format medium of wallpaper.

Each series is a limited edition sold for a short period of time. Designs are presented as the artist intended and are available in a variety of substrates and finishes. Each series will focus on an individual artist or collective of artists, and will be introduced via a full scale exhibition at Public Functionary, showcasing original pieces as well as large-scale wallpaper installations.

San Francisco-based artist Aaron De La Cruz will be the first featured artist in the PFxAE Exhibition Collection line.


Arkitip has produced an exclusive 24″ x 36″ Aaron De La Cruz silk screen print for the exhibition at Public Functionary. The limited-edition piece will be available at the opening reception and also online at Arkitip.com.

Arkitip’s founding principles are (1) support the arts, (2) promote freedom of expression, and (3) make art affordable and accessible. Arkitip oversees many diverse creative endeavors including; the publication of a limited-edition, hand-numbered art magazine, artist’s prints, multiples, clothing, accessories and the occasional recording. Arkitip also acts as curator for brands who are interested in delivering artistically embellished products to its customers. In addition, Arkitip collaborates with artists, designers, shops, and galleries to produce art exhibitions and gallery shows worldwide. (arkitip.com)

Documentation and exhibition archive coming soon.