Exhibition and Social Space.

Public Functionary (PF) is an art exhibition and social space in Northeast Minneapolis (opened in 2012). Our approach challenges past paradigms of gallery culture. Public Functionary invites a broader audience reflective of the creative diversity of the Twin Cities to feel welcome, engaged and connected. We work towards a new expression of access and community in a modern context.

In pursuit of this goal, PF focuses on creative risk taking, authentic audience engagement, collaborative power and presenting art experiences in an inclusive, immersive context. PF’s energy is not simply based on what hangs on the walls, but the people who activate and transform the space. On top of producing museum-quality exhibits, we continually open our doors to a highly diverse cross-section of both emerging and established creative producers. We act as a launch pad for them to explore possibilities through events, performances, installations and dialogue — often using our exhibits as a backdrop for these explorations. We provide a true voice for our community, allowing them the freedom of unfettered decision-making and creative empowerment.

Exhibition Philosophy.

The Public Functionary curatorial approach is to bring diverse perspectives into a shared space on equal ground.

We exhibit artists who create work that is responsive, hyper-present and intrinsic to their experience of the world and this moment in it.

We collaborate with artists in pursuit of exhibitions that represent their next level…. or our next level.

We feature and support artists who are intrinsic to their communities. We create space for them to empower and engage their communities through their work.

We support art that challenges us to be better and bolder.

We resist definition — in an attempt to engage, rather than categorize.