Eric Inkala: Chaos Complex
November 22nd-December 20th


Here is some context for this exhibit: a graffiti artist turned painter who has for years dedicated countless hours of time in the studio. He paints and sketches, fills walls when given the opportunity, and continues to make art day after day because he is without a doubt, the true definition of an artist. Over the years, a meticulous, definable style and trademark character have formed his identity. In some ways it is his inspiration, in other ways it is his limitation.

This particular exhibit has always been somewhere in the making, since we’ve followed Eric’s art since his early beginnings as a painter in Minneapolis. This exhibit was bound to happen, but only in that particular moment when something new would click, or as they say, “when there was something to write home about.” We (the Eric Inkala audience) have always loved his artwork, but the consensus has also been that his potential is much larger. This exhibit represents the moment in which he began to let go, to break through, and find comfort in that immense potential.

These 12 paintings were created in just over 8 weeks, from the moment fresh inspiration clicked in. The gallery offered the art- ist a challenge, and he delivered–with truly flying colors. This is just the beginning of a new exploration for Eric Inkala, and yet incredibly significant in being just that.

Coming home to share this particular body of work, is a joyful opportunity for this artist to say: “Check it out…this is how far I’ve come,” and for all of us, his friends, family and fans to re- spond: “Congrats, we knew you had it all along, but it’s even better than we could have imagined.”

Growth and inspiration, this is what we live for.

Tricia Khutoretsky


Brooklyn-based Eric Inkala is a self-taught artist whose highly visual and ever-evolving style has ripened from graffiti to pop art to contemporary art. His work presents a playful graphic language in the form a signature character who serves as a vehicle for an autobiographical narrative. It’s through this personal storyline that Inkala is able to channel thoughts and emotions into expressions of shape, color and text. His universally approachable concept is amplified through increasingly complex patterns and symmetry, which over the years have reflected both the abstract escapades of his trademark character and Inkala’s own artistic journey. Working primarily in acrylic, his paintings vary in size from large-scale canvas to sculpture, prints and small works on paper.

Eric Inkala was born in Minneapolis, MN. His work has been exhibited nationally at galleries such as THIS Gallery (CA), One River Gallery (NJ), Grasshut 811 (WA) and Fox Tax Gallery (MN), First Amendment Arts (MN) and XYandZ Gallery (MN) as well as in shows in New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Palm Springs and Nashville. His work has also been presented internationally, most recently at Gallery Poulsen in Copenhagen and previously in Sydney, Australia. Inkala murals have covered walls in Minneapolis, Palm Springs, and at the Ace Hotel in New York City.


Inkala, who has been residing in Brooklyn, NY for the past five years, came up as an artist in the Twin Cities in the mid-2000s among fellow luminaries such as Broken Crow, Ben Olson, Drew Peterson and more, during a defining moment in time when the Minneapolis contemporary art scene was having a major resurgence. Eric’s signature style and vivid, pop color schemes helped set the tone for an influential local movement that launched the careers of many now-established creatives. This “homecoming” exhibition will mark the first time in 5 years that Inkala has exhibited in the Twin Cities and will debut an evolved direction in his trademark, character-driven works.

In “Chaos Complex,” Inkala builds on the narrative of his infamous character, which emerged organically from his graffiti influences over the years. This new exhibit features his strong graphic language of character, symbol and shape. While his distinct style of smooth line work and bold form stay firmly intact, this collection sheds light on the next evolution of his artwork, incorporating his figurative character and text layers into deconstructed and reconstructed abstract paintings.
In exploring a path of new expression, Inkala found inspiration by revisiting his past, digging through years of compiled sketchbooks to gather samples and ideas to remix. This body of work features paintings that are layered with composition, concepts and colors that the artist and his audience have become intimately familiar with over the span of his career, but now experiment with new patterns and abstraction. In “Chaos Complex” Inkala retains the playful spirit of his artwork, while simultaneously constructing something new.

View Images of the Full Exhibit HERE. (coming soon)
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****This Exhibit is made possible with generous support from Ironlak, Financial One and Brunsfield North Loop.****