FLEXIBLE SPACE —–> Public Functionary takes summer breaks from regular programming, PF curated exhibitions. During our summer season, we hand the space over for community use. This allows for broader access to the gallery space for diverse communities… and the essential growth of our network. We’re pleased to share past #PFsummer OPEN SPACE 2015 events…





[SEPT 20] WINSOME and Workerby Present: The Shoot

WINSOME Goods and Workerby Product Development Studio are teaming up with photographer Lauren Krysti to present a fresh take on promoting their Fall 2015 assemblages. Interested in giving their supporters an intimate look into their process, W & W will open the doors to into their collaborative photo shoot taking place at Public Functionary on Sunday, September 20. Meet the designers, view their goods up close, and take in the creative energy of the shoot. Sit in on a few photos or stay for the entire event. For more information on Workerby, visit workerby.com. For more information on Winsome Goods, visit winsomegoods.com.

House of Gina Marie
Emily Trevor
Neal Jewelry

Show time: 11am-3pm

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[AUGUST 20-22] PBR presents NERVE BURNER : A 3 Day Multidisciplinary Experience

Participating Artists: Ed Holmberg, Dan Wieken, David Paul Seymour, , Gina Louise, Rogue Citizen, Alfred E Henke, Bryant Locher, Jamie Owens, Jaime Carrera, Matt Visionquest, and special guest artists to be announced.

Prepare yourself for 3 days of unconventional experiences brought to you by 10 of the Twin Cities most anomalous painters, sculptors and installation artists. Each artist will be showing their original artworks ranging from sculptures made of reused products to glitchy projection art. The 10 artist will also be creating additional pieces inspired by their favorite American regional lager for you to ogle, admire, experience…or buy. Each night Public Functionary will transform itself into a different multimedia artist-curated venue, designed to inspire future nostalgia and a thirst for the bluest of ribbons.

Thursday Aug 20th – PROCESS: Rogue Citizen opens the weekend by welcoming you into a space ruckus where low bit rate rules supreme. Outside in the green space at Public Functionary the collective known as Rogue Citizen will be working on an interactive art project, come participate in the development of this bit art video game inspired piece. Inside the gallery, vintage video games will be set up to satisfy your gamers needs with an experiential art installation as the back drop.

Friday Aug 21st – PARTY: It wouldn’t be an art show without a party. On Friday August 21st be warned your audio/visual senses will be overloaded by local music titans Bloodnstuff battling it out with up and coming garage rockers What Tyrants. During the bands’ alternating sets, Matt Visionquest’s visuals will transport the audience into another bitmapped world of space and fantasy.

Saturday Aug 22nd – CLOSING: To close out the weekend, performance artist Jaime Carrera will be performing a new performance piece with a live score titled ‘Neither’ featuring: Bobbi Gass Akiko Ostlund Jacob Schlichting.

In ‘Neither’ nothing is grounded in actual existing culture, it distances itself from hot button issues and focuses on a very weird, made-up fantasy. Along with his signature style of task-driven performance art and pop choreography, this show will feature an original soundscore, hand-made costuming and minimal staging elements — all fabricated by Carrera himself. ‘Neither’ will be followed by a performance by the beloved modern rock band Mrs.

August 20th – 6p-10p – PROCESS / Interactive art project & Video game installation
August 21st – 6p-12a – PARTY / Music by Bloodnstuff & What Tyrants visuals by Matt Visionquest of Playatta
August 22nd – 6p-10p – CLOSING / ‘Neither’ a new performance art concert by Jaime Carrera

Free and open to the public. Brought to you by PBR + Public Functionary


[JULY 25] “All Boredoms Amused” – Safe Jazz  filming of a live multi-media performance

Safe Jazz is a Minneapolis based instrumental trio comprised of Jesse Schuster, Arlen Peiffer, and Eric Mayson. Having played together for years as Caroline Smith’s rhythm section, Safe Jazz explores new sonic terrain influenced by hip hop, found sound, and collage. On July 25th, Safe Jazz will be filming a live multi-media performance inspired by digital americana, entitled ”All Boredoms Amused”. https://soundcloud.com/juiceschuster/sets/safe-jazz-demos

July 25th  FREE
With additional performances by
Adam Wozniak & Jonathan Kaiser

Followed by a DJ set by
Caroline Smith




The MN4MN Blank Canvas Project aims to explore the intersection of art, design, fashion and photography. The project invited 13 local Twin-Cities artists and photographers to collaborate on a showcase of inspiration and creativity. By expanding the role of sneakers from utilitarian fashion accessory to artistic inspiration to art itself, we reconsider an everyday item as art, encouraging appreciation for the art and craft that also informs the creation of fashion.

The final project involved 2 stages. In the first stage, 13 well known Minnesota visual artists were given a pair of sneakers. The question posed to all of them began at the same starting point. “What does this object represent, to you… and what does it inspire?” There were no limits to the final form of the object, the invitation is open to imagination and creativity. The outcome represents the many paths and outcomes by unique creative minds, starting from the same point. In a second stage, the finished sneaker art objects were passed off to 13 Minnesota photographers who were invited to photograph the remixed/recreated artist created sneaker objects into a fine art photograph. There were also no limits here to what and how the photographer chooses to capture the sneakers. The final sneaker art objects and photographs will be exhibited and on sale during the opening reception.

Artists include Aaron Brand, Adetomiwa Gbadebo, Christina Ridolfi, Corban Lundborg, Hilary Greenstein, Jendayi Berry, Jennifer Davis, John Alspach, Jordan Hamilton, Kate Renee, Shelly Mosman, Ta Coumba-Aiken, and Yuya Negishi.

Photographers include Chris McDuffie, Heather Byington, Jake Armour, Jayme Halbritter, Jeff Johnson, Jill Emmer, Kyle Liberman, Nick Gallop, Paul Johnson, Sarah White, Shelly Mosman, Tom Sadowski, and William Clark.

Event will include music by DJ Chuck Chizzel.



[JUNE 26] “CONSTANT” – environmentVEVO: An Installation by Harry Sutherland

Public Functionary is pleased to present the next one-night-only event in the ongoing #PFsummer Series: environmentVEVO: An Installation by Harry Sutherland.


In environmentVEVO, 17-year old visual artist and videographer Harry Sutherland both explores and critiques the state of his own medium and the corporate culture that feeds off of it. With well over a million views attributed to his own brand of low-fi music video work for artists such as Corbin (Spooky Black) and Allan Kingdom, Sutherland flips the proverbial bird to big business and their exploitation of the creative class.

Within the environmentVEVO installation, Sutherland examines the modern day music video as a branded utopian social function. He appropriates corporate marketing strategies, creating a scenario that ironically explores how concepts such as product placement and integrated marketing use music as a promotional canvas. In environmentVEVO, the group Rae Sremmurd acts as this canvas, presenting themselves under a thinly veiled corporate aesthetic deliberately designed to convey much more than just music.

More of an experience than a traditional exhibit, the environmentVEVO installation consists of sculptural elements, projections, post-net art and hardcore punk-inspired posters, vinyl stickers, a sound installation (created collaboratively with producer Psymun) and lighting elements that include black lights, LED strips and lasers.


Friday, June 26th, 2015
7pm-10pm // FREE
DJ Set by Corbin

Public Functionary
1400 12th Ave NE
Minneapolis, MN 55413



[JUNE 12] “CONSTANT” – A Teen Curated Contemporary Exhibit and Magazine Launch

Brought to you by flux magazine – a gallery show to exhibit collaborative art by flux magazine editors, Ellie Brown and Shanti Moreano, art from artists who will be featured in ISSUE 02, and some local and international art dealing with modern identity, communication, and transportation. The art will show how the evolution of identity, communication, and transportation, and their definitions, effect and evoke emotional responses from society. It will also focus on how brands and digital communication manipulate our identities and how they have become familiar emotional images.

A night of distributing ISSUE 01 and ISSUE 02 in print, food, and live music. come to see some art, make connections, and further create a progressive, contemporary art community.

Ellie Brown and Shanti Moreano,
Ilja Karilampi
Harry Sutherland
Pascal Petrus
Fernando Palomino
David Johanson
Joseph Smith
Jae Shin Cross, Martin Niklas Weiser
and RAFiA

falls (https://soundcloud.com/falls-2) and drk (https://soundcloud.com/lildrk)

malcolm jamison



[JUNE 19] Greenroom Magazine Issue 004 Release Party

A celebration of the release of greenroom’s fourth print issue, in partnership w/ visual curators q+a. the first 50 ppl receive a limited edition tote bag w/ magazine, custom buttons, patches, stickers and a few other cool things that are too cool to mention here.

Dj sets by:
+ tiiiiiiiiiip
+ p.o.s.
+ doc mckinney (father / life coach of thestand4rd)
+ su na

* greenroommagazine.com
* qplusa.co