SUBJECTIVE // One Night Exhibition by Lindsay Splichal 

8/31 – 7pm – 10:30pm

Lindsay Splichal’s new body of work, Subjective, holds a conversation that questions the materials of consensus reality and evokes further examination of truth. These pieces ask the viewer to reflect upon the notion of self. These pieces challenge our perspectives on the histories of objects and our relationships with these objects. Splichal creates abstract compositions of orderly chaos through the replicated objects encountered in the space. Their origin becomes abstracted through repetition. Their original context becomes uncertain. This work contests our beliefs about reality by transcending the very medium of the art-object.

Lindsay Splichal is a multidisciplinary artist who works heavily in printmaking, installation, and sculpture. Her work focuses on abstraction through repetition of form; challenging traditional methods of printmaking through surface; and juxtaposing the 2D plane and installation spaces through black and white fields of order and chaos. Lindsay is a Highpoint Center for Printmaking Jerome fellow. She has also participated in a handful of solo shows and multiple group exhibitions. She is an instructor at Juxtaposition Arts where she teaches screen printing, and gallery assists at the Walker Art Center.