Art & REsistance II

Sustaining our Joy | Summer 2017


Produced in collaboration with Ryan Stopera

We live in a time of the distortion and oppression of truth. This has subsequently become a catalyst for resistance art, merging both artist and activist as collaborators and one and the same, utilizing abstract symbolism and radical aesthetics as a means of reaching new audiences in making political statements. Art & Resistance II follows the inspiring first event (Art & Resistance I held at the Third Place Gallery) by sharing tangible tools with the community in creating their own form of creative resistance and by offering accessible pathways to plug into the movement.

Art & Resistance II featured a day of workshops facilitated by various community artists and activists. The evening continued with a panel– featuring Jeremiah Ellison (artist and Ward 5 Minneapolis City Council candidate), E.G. Bailey (interdisciplinary artist and filmmaker), Sarah White (photographer and musician) and Maryanne Quiroz (dancer, organizer and Cultural Arts Director for Dayton’s Bluff Community Council). Facilitated by activist and artist Mica Grimm, the panel will converse with the audience about how we can create our own resistance movement, prevent co-optation and ways to sustain the work.

Art & Resistance II took place within a mixed media photo exhibition by Ryan Stopera with design by Jared Tuttle intersecting portraits, text and design to evoke dialogue about each individual community member’s experience of resistance.


The event featured works by artists pushing for change, and a panel discussion on how activism and artistic lives often intertwine.
— City Pages

Video: Ryan Stopera. Music: "Ciento por Ciento" by Calavera Zabala courtsy TC Daily Planet.


Photography by Ryan Stopera / Design By Jared Tuttle