Curated by Allegra Lockstadt & Meghan Murphy | Sept 2016


Allegra Lockstadt and Meghan Murphy invite their favorite illustrators to let go, and unleash their most haunting obsessions into a group gallery show. Hosted by Public Functionary, the show explored mermaids, scars, Japanese food, the color pink, depression, giant ladies eating things, the state of Ohio, and more.

Two panel discussions on the Saturday morning after the opening, exploring the topics of process, client relationships, and commercial success in the world of illustration.



Allegra Lockstadt, Ana Hinojosa, Amelia LaBarron, Andres Guzman, Ann Ryan, Ashley Mary Barlow, Ben Currie, Bobby Rogers, Greta Kotz, Jared Tuttle, Kate Worum, Kelly Abeln, Meghan Murphy, Niky Motekallem, Ron Brown, Trungles

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Obsession grips, lures, rules, and defines—especially for image makers, as they are an easy target for obsessive thoughts, often falling prey to a peculiar state of hyper-focused work, dedicated to a single person, thing, color, feeling, culture, condition, pattern, shape, place, or idea.