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Selected works

Curated by Tricia Heuring | Nov 2016


Selected Works is curated by Public Functionary’s co-director and curator, Tricia Heuring. Building on her 4+ years as the curator of Public Functionary and a recent, immersive 3 week curatorial residency in Colorado, this exhibit will be her first group exhibition in the space, where previous exhibits have been with solo artists.

Selected Works highlights the practice of 22 individual artists currently working in the Twin Cities. Heuring selected artists with whom she has built relationships over the past few years, along with artist’s whose work she has closely followed. The selected artists are those creating work that feels highly relevant and exciting in our current moment. The artists span from emerging to mid-career and were considered based on their personal narrative and approach to practice rather than through the lens of specific thematic, genre or medium limitations.

Heuring contacted the artists with the concept just 3 weeks before the exhibit open date, and visited 22 studios/held meetings with each of the artists in 7 days. The constraints intentionally challenge the parameters of curating a group exhibition, by allowing the process of the work selection to inform the overarching narrative of the exhibition. Urgency, response and intuition are ideas upon which Heuring built the final presentation of works, forming an immediate survey of some of the most compelling artists working in the Twin Cities today.

Artists: Dyani White Hawk, Essma Imady, Greta Kotz, Ifrah Mansour, Isa Gagarin, Jane Wunrow, Katayoun Amjadi, Kate Casanova, Katelyn Rose White, Kelly O’Brien, Koua Mai Yang, Lindsay Splichal, Lindsay Rhyner, Mackenzie Owens, Mara Duvra, Maria Cristina Tavera, May Waver, Pao Houa Her, Sarah Faye McPherson, Selma Fernandez Richter, Tia Simone Gardner, Torey Erin.




Selected Works mixes material experimentation, playful excess, and formal restraint.
— Christina Schmidt, MNartists

Header Image Photo Credit: Mike Hazard, Additional Images SOCOM Creative