Art & resistance III

dream world | Feb 2018


Produced in collaboration with Ryan Stopera.

Following two successful events of the interactive exhibition “Art & Resistance,” a third installment will include a series of events in January 2018 at Public Functionary. The first event at Third Place Gallery featured a cathartic display of work from community artists in photography, paintings, film, spoken word, music sharing images of resistance and a powerful panel on the intersection of art and activism. The second event at Public Functionary included a full day of workshops and a panel on how to sustain creative resistance and self care in difficult times.

The third part of this series looks to evolve from resisting the political and social world we face today and creating a vision of the world we seek to live in. Much of 2017 was spent simply surviving the constant attacks from a white supremacist administration in Washington. This has impacted our ability to dream about greater possibilities of what we can achieve.

Visionary activists and authors such as Octavia Butler have shared the importance of dreaming, “I believe we need to be more steadfast in looking toward the future — envisioning the world we want to see, and taking concrete steps to create it.”  Robin D.G. Kelley, a professor of American history at UCLA described the importance of this issue, “Protesting, organizing and educating are all essential to activism, but they’re not the entire story. To be most effective, we must also create spaces to cultivate collective “freedom dreams.”

The third installment of Art & Resistance “dream world” gives our community of artists and activists the opportunity to imagine, to vision and to create work beyond the possible and to share stories of the world we want to live in.


dream world ART SHOWCASE

Compiled through a call for art, submissions featured in a curated visual art gallery.


Meghan Murphy, Daren Hill, Aaron Johnson Ortiz, Donald Thomas, Aaron Rosenblum, Ricardo Levins Morales, Nikki Mccomb, Erik Farseth, John Steitz, Tori Hong, Katrina Knutson, Sarah Swanson, Mattie Weiss, Melanie Stovall, Jordan Hamilton, Angelia Guthrie, Chamidika Wanduragala, Heather Lou, Uche Iroegbu, Nancy Musinguzi, Sophea Ek, Arianna Nason, Ashley Fairbanks, Sean Earl, Jimmy Longoria, Rebecca Wynia, Sunshine Joy Hedlund.

Live mural painting by Olivia Levins Holden and Nell Pierce.


Michael Jemison – Black Boys Dream
Visual poems by Xiaolu Wang and Sun Yung Shin
Lady Xok – Resistencia
Adja Gildersleve and Adriana Foreman – Baptism
Andrea Ellen Reed – Unsighted
Ryan Stopera – Swim in the Light (Followed by a performance by Albert Conteh of Energy Dance Collective)


Eleonore Wesserle – Visionary Storytelling for Resistance and Beyond
Rod Adams
Seemore Perspective


DJ Michel Be
Nicky Steves


Solidarity? Female Power Dynamics and White Body Supremacy. Resmaa Menakem with special guest LaDonna Sanders Redmond

Community gathering around Emergent Strategy. Hosted by Miski Noor, Black Lives Matter Minneapolis Communications Strategist, and Keno Evol, Executive Director of BlackTableArts.

New Systems Dreaming. Closing conversation/visioning session moderated by Tricia Heuring and D.A. Bullock.

Our country, our world and our lives have become so deeply entrenched in the oppression of the current administration that we are no longer thriving, we are surviving. What will happen to communities and cultures if we lose our ability to dream beyond what may be possible? What if we could envision the world that we seek to live in, rather than simply survive in the world we are presently in?
— Ryan Stopera

This exhibit and related programming was supported by a Bush Foundation Events Sponsorship Grant

Photo Credit: Ryan Stopera