David Maxwell | Feb 2018

A theatrical installation curated by David Maxwell, accompanied by live music from Blanda, and Psymun. The installation/performance is an ode to black women and the black community-- the manifestations of their impact and representation of their roles in a dream world special performance. 

Collaborators: Arthur Xiong, Blanda, Bobby Rogers, Breeze Monet, Bria Grayer, Camrin Joy King, Cesar, Chance York, Cherish Whiterspoon, David Maxwell, Erik Astle, Jenessa Andrea, Jayke Astle, Jaz Mcgill, Kachina, Kwey, Larisa Arnold, Makda Meles, Maiya Lee Hartman, Malanda Jean Claude, Michelle Mdeli, Nicky Gwiggs, Nylo G, Peter Olson, PRMT, Quinessa Stibbins, Rayna Lindsey, Sound Verite, UCM., Wndrlnd.





PHOTOS: in studio at Public Functionary by Bobby Rogers