Pool Party

*money pool

Photo credit: Lindsey Kusterman



Friends of Public Functionary,

If you know this space-- you know we love to host your events, shows, exhibits, screenings, dialogues! However, as easily as programming this space comes, covering the overhead (operating costs such as rent, utilities and staff time) is one of our biggest struggles. We can apply for grants for specific projects and programs and artists and creatives are endlessly resourceful, so programming this space is never a concern. But if we had the stability of monthly overhead covered-- we could put more time into supporting artists and building community. We could do MORE. 

PF is a thriving platform because many individuals and communities put time, energy, ideas and resources into this space. And through collaboration, listening and reflecting we've been working to understand what a culture of support looks like at Public Functionary.

It doesn't involve fundraising galas, annual gifts or wealthy people writing checks to "charity." For Public Functionary to build power, we have to resist feeling like we need to prove our worth. We have to resist having to make a case for art, artists and art space. These things are VITAL, these things are CENTRAL to our quality of life.

Instead we're looking for investment directly from those who understand the significance of this space and actually benefit from this place within the Twin Cities arts and culture landscape. Those who know what this space might be, if it could get beyond treading water and instead, catch a current upstream. 

On June 21, Public Functionary hosted POOL PARTY to kick off an ongoing effort to support this space and to begin to ASK for support in ways that resonate with the people who directly benefit from this space. The event was a beautiful show of support from everyone who showed up, performed and sent donations.

Help us keep the momentum going. Contribute to the pool and keep PF flowing...

With every contribution, we get a better sense of who values this space and what you are able to contribute and how often. From $5 - $500+ once a year or once a month. ANY size contribution is significant. This collective effort builds real power.