About Public Functionary

PF is gallery space, shared space, idea space, production space, messy space, contemporary space, chill space, art space, community space, brave space, responsible space, problem solving space, performance space, learning space, collaborative space, film space, spiritual space, difficult space, party space, experimental space, conversation space, intersectional space, music space, rental space, open space. 


PF pool 

Collective effort. Sharing resources. Learning by doing. Sinking before swimming. Developing relationships. Patience. Expanding knowledge. Intuitive decisions. Organic processes. Adapting. Growing, with community. Saying yes, saying no.

These are the things that are working. It's time to build. 




1400 12th Ave NE

Minneapolis, MN 55418



No gallery hours currently. Open for events and pop-ups. 

Stay tuned to the upcoming events!



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